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        Custom Tour

        A custom built motorcycle tour - designed especially for you.

        Occasionally, a standard tour just doesn’t fit with everyone. With busy lives and hectic schedules, sometime a full week away is not possible, or perhaps a week is not long enough for some.

        At Canary Motorcycle Tours we can provide a bespoke motorcycle tour that is designed to meet any touring requirement you may want, time, distance, Islands, experience and/or accommodation.

        These motorcycle holidays can be whatever and whenever you want, and for any length of time.

        You tell us:

        • How many people
        • Where you want to go
        • How long for
        • What you might want to see or do
        • How long you like to ride for each day
        • Anything else that is important to you

        We then design your motorcycle holiday in the Canaries

        • We research and plan the route
        • We work out the best places to stop at
        • We book the hotels
        • We suggest restaurants
        • We do all the fine planning

        We personally guide each days ride, allowing you to do nothing but arrive and ride.

        Reservation / Enquiry Form

        Whether it’s just for a long weekend, a short week from Monday to Friday, or a 10 day trip

        Whether it is just Gran Canaria, or visits to the other Islands. Just let us know and we can arrange that for you and give you a competitive, reasonable and an affordable price for an unforgettable tour.

        If you are interested in having a unique, one-off motorcycle holiday, contact us.

        To enquire, email us via our contact form, or call us on +44 7738 529487 or +34 616 611287 or send us a message via our busy and popular Facebook page.

        Look forward to meeting you soon.

        Tour Requirements

        Please remember to bring:

        • driving license
        • boots
        • suitable riding trousers

        We can provide jackets, helmets and gloves (although for a week-long tour, most people prefer to bring their own gear.)

        Don’t forget your GoPro or cameras!